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By downloading our app, you have gained access to anything

and everything surrounding the Infuse brand. 

Since we are completely self-dependent, everything you could ever need to attend and enjoy one of our events can be found right in this app.


There are two types of memberships in our community - standard and premium, with each type of member enjoying their own set of benefits.


Each time a new event is coming up, a limited

number of invitations is sent through the app.

Premium users are guaranteed to receive an invite for each one of our events, while standard users can also be put on the waiting list.


The invitation is valid for 72 hours for standard users,

and up to 96 hours for premium users.

If you do not purchase a ticket in the time span, your invitation will expire.

In that case, standard users have the option to purchase a re-invite, and premium users can claim one free re-invite per event.

If you do not use your re-invite to purchase a ticket in the following 24 hours, you lose the chance to attend the event.


Each user can buy only one ticket through their account, but they are also able to send invites to their friends by using our myCrew option.


Once the tickets for an event are sold out, there is no waiting list, no re-invites, and no other ways of purchasing tickets for that specific event.


Our tickets are not in the traditional printed or PDF format, they are embedded in your personal QR code inside the app, along with eTokens - the


Infuse currency which is used for purchasing drinks during the events by simply showing your code at the bar.

We are a completely paperless and cashless event organization.


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